4 Clever Mom Hacks for Intentional Healthy Living


Mom hacks and healthy living: What does healthy living really mean?

The basic parts of a healthy life to focus on include eating, cleaning, and staying active.

Healthy living doesn’t have to be hard, but you do need to make some intentional choices.

So sit back and enjoy these simple tips, aka ‘mom hacks’ to make healthy living more automatic.


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4 Clever Mom Hacks For Intentional Healthy Living

Written by guest writer Heidi Johnson @ HeidiNaturally


Clever Mom Hacks #1: Eating Better

Mom hacks: Recipes and grocery shopping are the key points to eating better as a family. Here is where you should focus when it comes to eating better as a family:


Make a pact with your family to try to eat better

Let’s face it, if you’re the only one wanting to eat better, you will face mutiny.

Watch shows on Netflix like “Forks over Knives” or “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” to help motivate your family to commit to eating better.


Only bring in good food

Yes, your kids like the boxed macaroni and cheese with the orange color.

Your husband might like those pork rinds or diet soda, but if it’s not in the house, they will find other things to eat.

Shop the outside of the grocery store and load up on fruits and vegetables, rice,


Good recipes are key

Pull out the recipes you fix that you know are good and then build on those.

Pinterest and All Recipes are great places to get ideas for healthy recipes.

Ask your friends or post on facebook that you want their best healthy family-friendly favorites.

Good food doesn’t have to taste bad. Before long, your family will be asking for the healthy recipes because they taste better and make them feel better too.



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Clever Mom Hacks #2: Chemical Free Personal Care and Cleaning

Mom hacks – Do you know that most personal care products like shampoo, body wash, lotion, and toothpaste contain hormone and endocrine disruptors?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anyone messing with my family’s hormones or endocrine system!

Just look for phthalates, parabens, triclosan, and oxybenzone on the labels. You’ll be amazed at how many times you find these chemicals in products!

When you read labels and choose good products instead, you will be on your way to healthier living.

Go online and look for organic products or use simple recipes to make your own products.



One simple way to clean without chemicals and totally simplify your cleaning routine is to use a powerful cleaner that is chemical free and can clean your whole house.

I have replaced every single cleaning product including bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, oven cleaner, window cleaner, etc with 2 teaspoons of Thieves Cleaner.

I add this 2 teaspoons of amazing cleaner to a 30 ounce spray bottle and clean my entire house without chemicals. I have been able to get rid of every single cleaner in my house.

There is nothing on the label that says “if ingested call poison control” so my children can help clean too. They love spraying things down and wiping with a rag.

Of course, no one cleans as good as mom, but the wiping they do does help me have to wipe less.

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Clever Mom Hacks #3: Easy Exercise

When you start having kids, one of the things that often goes out the window is time for exercise.

I encourage you to implement the family walk.

Walking is good for everyone and helps you enjoy nature and use up some extra energy.

If you’re low on energy it can help increase your mood and help you build stamina.

If it’s too cold or rainy to walk, find a good youtube video and have fun moving around with your kids.

A good quality mini trampoline is a fun and healthy way to exercise too. They say that 10 minutes on the trampoline is like 30 minutes of other exercise.


Clever Mom Hacks #4: Train your Kids

Whether you are working on healthy eating, reducing chemicals, cleaning better, or getting more exercise, talk to your kids about your goals.

Most kids love to help, so ask them to help you read labels in the store, pick out their favorite fruits and vegetables, cook a healthy meal with you, spray and wipe down a room, or find good and fun ways to exercise.

They will follow your lead and if you are trying to make a better life for them, they will eventually follow you.

Have fun with your kids and remember to smile at them often. Let them know you are their biggest cheerleader and that you love them no matter what they do.

Remember momma, you are the gatekeeper of your house. What comes into your home usually has to go through you first.

If you’re buying junk food at the store or buying chemical-laden personal care products, those all come into your house with your permission.

You CAN Make a Difference and Life a Healthy Life

Start looking into healthy living and put your foot down at the door to your house.

The biggest mom hack of all: Stop letting bad things come in and get some conviction to live as chemical free as possible!

If you inspire your family to live better by continuing to talk with them about healthy living, they will eventually get on board with you. This will help lessen the load on you.

They will start helping you with this chemical free lifestyle.

If your children are young, take them on walks and slowly bring them into this lifestyle with you.

Learn a little at a time and bring them along with you.

There is no need to go this healthy living journey alone.

If your family is totally against you, find a friend that you can bounce ideas off, share tips, and keep each other accountable.



Heidi is a mom, self-help junkie, and healthy living blogger at HeidiNaturally. She’s from a town so small it doesn’t even have a stop light. Heidi helps people simplify their lives and share tips and tricks to help you be able to live a simple and healthy life too. Get her Healthy Living Once-and-for-All Checklist and connect with her on Pinterest and Instagram.

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