From Mom To Mompreneur

How to be a successful mompreneur, how to work from home, while looking after yourself and your family, and building the life you love.

From Mom To Mompreneur

From Mom To Mompreneur

Written by guest writer Veronica Bolton from BossPrincess101

I was with someone that asked me “Do you really enjoy being a stay at home mom?” Of course, I replied Yes… and the next comment was “So that’s all you will ever be, a stay at home mom that makes her husband pay for everything.”

Now, this comment came from a close friend, so I was super shocked and I let it get to me. A couple months later, someone else had pretty much said the same thing. Yes, my feelings are actually hurt.

Growing up I was always about making my money and having my own business. When I became pregnant I guess I became satisfied with being a stay at home mom that clean and cooked, and you know did all the mommy and wife duties.

After hearing this comments, something had clicked in my head.

I am going to become a Mompreneur!


Take My Advice, Girl, Work In Blocks Of Time

It’s amazing how productive you can be if you chunk out your time beginning, middle, and end goal.

You can actually put in nap time, preschool time, and playdate time so your work schedule can be revolved around it. I want to make it very clear to you, you are working from home.

Therefore you get to make your hours whatever you want. Even if that means you want to take a day off and just watch Netflix and allow your children to run around all over the house and eat candy all day, girl do it! You deserve it!

Personally, I wake up super early in the morning before everyone else in my house. I work about 3 hours all alone and when everyone wakes up I make breakfast, get everyone ready for the day.

My son is very young so I usually let him do his own thing from 9 am to noon. Then we have lunch and a nap. After that, I either go play until my boyfriend comes home and I think to hang out with them as a family for the rest of the day or he lets me work on my business.

I try to work the rest of the day at least 3 times a week. He is really good at supporting me and helping me follow my dream. Plus he sees money coming in, so of course, he is totally cool with it.


Socialize With People Who Do Different Things

It may sound counter-intuitive but you want to keep your thoughts and inspirations open to others beyond the sandbox and virtual water cooler.

It’s so easy to lose focus with ourselves when we are in Mom mode so it’s important to maintain a variety of friends and colleagues from different vantage points just to keep your creative juices going.



Have More Fulfillment And A Sense Of Purpose: Wake Up & Pamper

As mentioned earlier, waking up early really is a huge step. You get a lot done. Some of my favorite things to do is dressing up, doing my hair and make, and then doing something to benefit my spirituality, like reading and praying.

Praying for help to guide me throughout my day helps me get so much stuff done, with confidence!

I say do your hair and makeup because you will get more done when you feel good. Let’s say someone wants to randomly jump on a call, it’ll help you when you look fabulous!


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Calendar & Notepads

If you are a visual person get a huge calendar or use Google calendar. Blackout the hours you already know you will be sleeping or busy with your family and friends.

Now that time you see open start scheduling your work schedule. Start making a to-do list, and schedule that list across your whole week so you have time to get things done.



Prioritize everything. Make lists of everything! This really helps your mind get everything out on the table and you can see it all, then organize to what’s most important down to what you don’t need to worry about for a few days or even weeks.

Give social media 1 hour or even 30 minutes each day, because you do not want to get distracted and waste too much time on it. Set a timer before you go to Facebook or Twitter.


How To Stay Productive As A WAHM minimalcapsule

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Self-Care Is Key

If you wake up and you don’t feel like working, don’t work. You are a stay at home mompreneur girl. Your schedule is YOUR schedule and you can do whatever you want.

If you have been saving all this money and have already bought your children and husband gifts, go spend some money on yourself! YOU DESERVE IT! Reward yourself! This is so important!

Again, go get your hair done and make yourself look good because you have to feel good on the inside to do your best at your work. I was told one time.


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The Quality Of Your Work Is A Reflection Of Who You Are

Asking For Help Is Okay

Whether you need a nanny, friend, or family member to come to watch your kids so you can make some more money, or to pamper yourself, do it! Or if your business is booming and you are starting to feel overwhelmed, hire someone to help you! I know putting your business in someone else’s hands is going to be a really hard thing to accept and actually do.

But girl, its okay to ask for help. It’s okay to get help and get a second opinion. Almost everyone I know ends up hiring a virtual assistant.


Unplug, Baby!

Yes, you heard me. You need to take some time and shut everything off, this means checking your emails at the dinner table, or taking calls in the middle of bedtime stories, and never look at your computer in bed!

Do not sleep with your cell phone in the bedroom. You see that time where you blacked out in your calendar?

That time is off limits, Your family, and friends want to have you in their lives too. You are never going to get this time back with your family.


This is probably my biggest problem, and lately, I have been changing my ways because I realized I was putting my family 2nd, and that was not okay.

A Solid Tip: Blackout Sundays. Shut your phone off and leave it on your bedside table. You deserve this day to be happy with your family and to only focus on them.


You Can’t Be Productive At Work Or Attentive At Home If Your Aren’t Healthy

  • Teach your kids about passion, self-sufficiency, and hard work.
  • You show your kids how to ‘create your world’.
  • You share a common goal that can make your family closer.
  • Become more patient during challenging times.
  • You design a life of meaningful work and family quality time.
  • Learn how to become more flexible.
  • You learn the true meaning of family teamwork.
  • Learn that ‘the perfect time’ is a myth.
  • You reap the rewards of freedom and flexibility.
  • Can be a present part of your children’s lives.
  • You are showing your kids how to accomplish big things.
  • Learn to juggle it all — even if it means being locked in a closet.

Being a busy Mompreneur can be a challenge. Your work never ends, but if you can set reasonable limits for yourself and follow the tips outlined above, you’ll see that you really can have it all.

Women can successfully combine family, career and time for themselves. If you ever doubted whether it could be done.


Being a mother is a full-time job. Once you have a little person, the most important thing in your life is the health and wellbeing of your child, and then there’s your marriage.

Then when you add business owner to the mix, it’s like having three full-time jobs.  To say that striking a balance between home and your business is a challenge is a vast understatement.


Mompreneurs who successfully balance motherhood and business make it look so easy, but there are a few key things to know that will help you not feel so overwhelmed.


Here Are A Few Secrets Of Successful Mompreneurs

Becoming a mompreneur and starting your own business from scratch is going to be very hard. You have to be a wife, be a mom, and be a businesswoman. Life gets busy.

But I promise at the end it is worth all the sweat and tears. Having that business there for your children to look forward to when they grow up will be one of the best feelings ever.

Proving to your friends and family that told you that you couldn’t do it, will feel so great!

The truth is, there are women all over the world that are about to go through this process, and eventually will succeed. You can not give up.



Veronica Bolton runs BossPrincess101, a marketing & reviews website of products for moms and children. Veronica is also a virtual assistant and helps people manage and grow their social media accounts. Collaborate with Veronica by reaching out to her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


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