How To Make Money Decluttering Your Closet

How To Make Money Decluttering Your Closet

Making the decision to get rid of your unwanted, excess ‘stuff’ is fantastic. A more minimal closet is a more functional closet!  Now let’s turn that clutter into cash, by discussing how to make money decluttering your closet.

Whether you are doing a little spring cleaning, tidying that closet or giving your wardrobe a complete overhaul and building yourself a capsule wardrobe, I commend you for taking this first step in decluttering!


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Make Money Decluttering

It feels great to declutter, and even better to have your excess items be enjoyed by someone else. Pretty much everything can be given away, donated, recycled or sold. I have created this list of places where you can do just that!

How To Make Money Decluttering Your Closet: Where To Sell Or Donate Your Stuff Today


Sell it online yourself

Sell it on your own website – Selling your items on your own website is the ultimate way to go, as you keep 100% of your sales.

You can enroll in this free ‘How To Start A Blog‘ course, where you will learn how to set up your own self-hosted website or blog with easy to understand step by step instructions.


Set up shop on an online marketplace: 

  • Storenvy is a good place to set up your own online shop if you are just selling a couple things here and there. There are no setup or membership fees, but Storenvy takes a dollar off each of your sales from anything you sell in your shop, and 10%+ if you use their marketplace feature. Be advised, that they even take a cut off of your shipping rate. This can add up to being quite expensive if you are selling a lot, unfortunately. If you do try Storenvy, I do recommend using the Marketplace, as there is a big audience of members/potential customers there.


  • Shopify is my choice for the best place to sell your items / run an online shop if you don’t want to sell on your own website. Similar to Storenvy, but instead of them taking a cut off of each of your sales, you just pay a small set monthly subscription rate and then you can sell as much as you want and keep all of your money. I prefer Shopify for this reason. 


  • Ebay The online auction website is easy to use, post your item, and it will sell to the highest bidder. Ebay takes a cut off of the sale price.


  • Etsy – Another popular option for selling your products in an online marketplace. They also take a cut of your sales, however.



Have Someone Else Sell It Online


Declutter is a company that will pay you for your CDs, DVDs, books, games & other tech that you want to get rid of. You simply provide the barcode info, you get a quote, you send it to them (all for free) and they pay you the next day.

Amazon FBA – Ship your items to Amazon and let them manage the sales and customers.

Thred Up Is like an online consignment store, in that you send your clothes to them, they give you a price and sell it for you, leaving you with a commission.

Essential Capsule Wardrobe Items


Sell It In Person

Online Marketplaces – Websites such as Craigslist and Kijiji offer a similar listing platform, buyers in your area can contact you and then you meet up in person ti do the transaction. You never know who you’re meeting, so for safety reasons, always meet at a public place, and bring a friend.

Facebook There are literally hundreds of thousands of buy and sell groups on Facebook. Search your town’s name + buy and sell, and you will likely find lots in your local area.

Letgo is an app that lets you post your items and chat with buyers.


Donate It

Animal Shelters & Charities – Your local SPCA Thrift Shop is a great place to donate items, where the profits will go the all-important cause of helping animals in need.

Homeless Shelters – Look into your local shelters and outreach centers, they are always in need of clothing and non-perishable food items.

The Salvation Army – These thrift stores benefit the community, and usually have a bin right at the front door, making dropping off a bag of items super easy.

Your local Food Bank – The food bank needs more than just food, they need clothing and toiletries too!

Churches and Community Centers – Contact your local community center or church to find out how donations are accepted.

Your apartment building – Many apartments will have a ‘free box’ where residents can leave and take items. If your building doesn’t have one – start one!

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