Essential Fashion: I’m Nicer When I Like My Outfit

Essential Fashion: I’m Nicer When I Like My Outfit – Essential Wardrobe Pieces

Written by guest contributing blogger Anne Marie from Purses And Pugs

I’m nicer when I like my outfit. At first glance, this quote seems a bit shallow.

But when you think about it, an outfit can lift our confidence and make our day better.

Or do the opposite. Clothes are silently powerful, a statement of who we are. We use it to express our personality.

We want to be the best version of ourselves, don’t we? And for me, that includes looking nice and feeling my best. I’m just nicer when I like my outfit. Clothing is a fantastic way to brighten up my mood on a rainy day, and a bonus is that those around me spend time with a better version of me!

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Let’s Face It…

If you don’t like your outfit it may have a bad impact on your day (or night). It may sound superficial, but it’s true! I’ve been there hundreds of times. When you feel good and comfortable with the way you look, your mood will be better. Feeling your best boosts your confidence and makes you feel like a boss babe, whether it’s nailing that work presentation, killing that gym session or being the coolest princess at the party.


Clothes are silently powerful, a statement of who we are. We use it to express our personality.


But it’s not always easy to pick out an outfit you like. Do you often stress because you don’t know what to wear?  You just stare at your closet, you’re late and you have NO IDEA what you want to wear that’s going to make you feel your best? Often this results in an outfit you’re not happy about. You may even run out the door thinking you look fine, only to realize you look like you’ve got dressed with a blindfold on a few moments later.


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So, What Can You Do To Avoid This?

Make sure you have your essential wardrobe pieces in place.

There are a few essential pieces that should be in your wardrobe to glue it all together. And when you don’t know what to wear but have your basics covered, you can throw on your “safe” essential pieces and look well put together in no time.

And feel great.


Essential Wardrobe Pieces

But what exactly are these essential wardrobe pieces? If you’re a little stuck or just need some inspiration, I can help you.

I’ve created the ESSENTIAL WARDROBE PIECES, a free ebook where I’m sharing my top pics for essential wardrobe pieces.

Plus, it’s filled with helpful tips and tricks and includes a complete list of where to buy the affordable versions and luxury versions of everything. Get your free copy here!


I hope it’s helpful and can give you some inspiration. When you feel your best your day will also be better.

Because by now, you know it’s true. You’re nicer when you like your outfit!

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