5 Ways To Keep A Positive Mindset While Working Toward a Goal

A positive mindset and goal achieving go hand in hand.

Whether you want to lose weight, save money or learn a new skill, it is an arduous process in reaching that goal. Negativity in your mind, from others or online can slow down or halt your accomplishment altogether.

Here are some tips on how to keep the positivity going so that you aren’t derailed in achieving your goal.


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Ways to Remain Positive While Working Toward a Goal

Written by guest writer Lauren Quint



Positive Mindset: Avoid The Haters


Family members, friends and co-workers all want to give you their opinion, especially when it comes to lives other than their own.

Often that can include negative comments about you or what you are working on.

My advice is to avoid them at all costs. If someone you thought you were close to only wants to antagonize you for your choices, they are not someone you want to be around.

This does not mean to find people that ONLY agree with your choices, but you want to surround yourself with people that will push you and encourage you.

If it is someone you cannot avoid or you do not want to cut them out of your life, just avoid that topic with them.

If you do not reciprocate that topic of conversation they will not have any ammo to go against you.

I have come to quickly recognize who those negative people are, especially at work. When I am around them it puts me into a horrible mood and I feel less productive.

So, I have physically moved myself away from them at staff meetings and not engaged in conversations with them in the hallway.

I’m not going to corrupt my day to appease them.


Positive Mindset: Delete Social Media

Well, maybe you don’t have to delete your entire account but you can unfollow those accounts that do not add anything positive to your life.

We have complete control of what we see on any social media outlet, so you have the power to change how it affects you.

In my weight loss journey, I have found many Instagram accounts that have added wisdom, support and confidence to my goal to become fit.

On the other hand, some accounts can make you feel worse about yourself or influence you to become something that is completely unrealistic.

If an account promotes a quick fix or unhealthy methods I will not follow them (or unfollow them quickly).

I can match my needs to plenty of social media accounts out there, and I’m sure you can too!



Positive Mindset: Write It Out

Sometimes it’s your own mind that is sabotaging your goals. You find excuses or think you aren’t motivated so you lose traction. It is important to find ways to help yourself keep a positive outlook.

Some people find it beneficial to write out their goals and post them so they can see it daily.

Say positive things to yourself (in your mind or out loud) to keep yourself on track. Post pictures or make a vision board to visualize what your goal will look like in the end. Bottom line, you know yourself and you need to find what works for you.


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I often have trouble balancing all of the responsibilities in my life, as a mother, wife, and teacher. I have personal goals to reach in between all of those daily tasks.

A strategy I often use is scheduling time into my day to work on my goal. I plan out when I can exercise before I add other tasks, or if I have a really busy day coming up I find a way to cook a healthy meal ahead of time. This works for me!


Positive Mindset: Treat Yo’ Self

It may be difficult in working toward a goal to keep a positive attitude, so planning out a reward can add some motivation.

You could plan out small rewards throughout the process if you hit certain milestones or a big reward at the end. It will depend on your timeline for hitting the goal as to how you would approach this.

In starting my blog I found that some of the tasks were tedious but necessary.

As I created to-do lists for myself, I also created rewards once I accomplished a certain amount of those tasks.

One of those rewards was buying an online course related to blogging and social media marketing.

Spending money on a course like that is something I wanted to earn after putting in the work.


Positive Mindset: Break It Down

Depending on what your goal is, it may take several weeks, months or years to accomplish it. It will be challenging to keep a positive mindset for a long period of time.

I recommend you break a large goal down into smaller chunks.

This will also play into your rewards, by placing them at the end of each of these mini-goals.

This way you are more likely to accomplish the end goal and stay positive throughout the journey.


For example…

  • Need to lose 50 pounds? Work on 10 pounds at a time.
  • Want to graduate with your Bachelors degree? Focus on each class or semester at a time.
  • Trying to be debt-free? Pay off one credit card at at time.
  • Writing a book? Focus on one chapter at a time.


Bottom line, you can do many things to control the type of environment you are in.

Use these tips to help move from a negative to positive mentality, in turn making the process of achieving your goal more likely and more fun.



Lauren’s constant goal in life is to attain balance with her family, work and personal goals. She is a high school teacher, wife and mother of 2 little ones. She is in the process of being the healthiest and most fit version of herself. Lauren loves gangster rap, tacos and strolling the aisles of Target. Follow My Energy Balancing Act for the ups and downs in her journey towards balancing it all. Catch her on Instagram & Facebook.

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  • Menesa

    Excellent advice! I especially like the ones about deleting the haters and unfollowing those who don’t add anything g positive.

    • MinimalCapsule

      Only good vibes here, 100% agree Menesa!

  • Great post! I'm making some life changes and I sometimes di no

    Great post! I’m going through some life changes and I’m trying to remain positive all the time. Definitely will save this post!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • MinimalCapsule

      Thank you for coming by to say so! Excited for your new, changing journey!

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