Staycation: How To Create That Summer Vacation Feeling

It is summer time! The time of staying at the beach, laying in the sun, having cool summer drinks and enjoy your vacation time!

But what if you cannot go on vacation? You see all of your friends traveling somewhere, your colleagues take their kids and spend their summer in Greece and you are the only one who has to stay in the office and keep the business running.

How To Create That Summer Vacation Feeling staycation minimal capsule

Would you accept to miss out on summer or would you make the most out of it to create summer within your mood?

Here are 7 ideas on how to create that summer vacation feeling while staying at home. 


Staycation: How To Create That Summer Vacation Feeling

Written by guest writer Pia from DreamAndWanderLand


1. Spend Your Lunchtime In A Cool Summer Location

Instead of staying in the office, go outside and place yourself in a café, bistro, or bar. Order a summer drink. If there is a river, lake, or park close to it, that would be perfect for your summer feeling!


2. Go Out After Work

Create your summer feeling by going out after work. Walk home by taking a little detour through a park, around a lake, or alongside the river of your hometown instead sitting in a dark, sticky, and overcrowded underground train.

Have a break at a cool place and enjoy the sunny day and the surroundings.



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3. Summer Nights – Beach Bar, Roof Top, Or Open-Air Cinema

If you cannot wait to get out of your business outfit and wish to go home immediately after work, your chance for some summer feeling could be at nighttime. Dress up and go out.

Seek out a beach or rooftop bar where you can spend the evening. Or how about spending the evening watching a movie or play in an open-air cinema or theater?


4. Vacation On The Patio

If you are one of the lucky ones who has a balcony, a sundeck, rooftop or a whole garden, you have more staycation opportunities than most. Create your Summer holiday feeling at home!

Make your patio ready for summer. Get your sunlounger out of the cellar and into the sun. To avoid any sunburns add a sunshade to your summer equipment. Relax, read a book, prepare your refreshing ice-tea and imagine yourself being at an exotic place.



5. Spend A Day In Your Hometown Pretending To Visit For The First Time

You could also spend a day in your hometown. Imagine you are visiting it for the first time and explore all the different places. Or discover locations or do things you never have done or seen before. Is there anything you wanted to visit for a long time? This is your chance!

I do it from time to time here in my town Dusseldorf!


6. Take A Little Weekend Trip

Lunchtime or an evening is not enough to get into summer mood? Think about a weekend getaway! Is there a city you always wanted to explore? Is there a nearby beach at where you would like to spend some time?

For example, the closest beach you can find here in Germany is the Baltic and the North Sea in the very North of Germany or at our neighbor’s beaches in Netherlands or Belgium. From Dusseldorf, it is a four hours drive only and right for a weekend. I am sure there is a beach at the sea or a lake close to your hometown.



7. Extend Your Weekend With An Additional Day Off

If a weekend is not enough, you could also try to ask your boss for an additional day off. A Friday or Monday or both, to get more of that summer feeling and recharge your batteries.

Watch out for any public or bank holiday which you could use instead of taking a day off!


Have fun and enjoy life!

Nevertheless, have fun and enjoy the weather. Meet friends, have good times together! Have you had a barbecue lately? Spend an evening together and make your own sangria party or a cocktail evening! Relax on your balcony and recharge. Just enjoy life! Summer is what you are doing with it!

Have an unforgettable summer!



Written by guest writer Pia from DreamAndWanderLand

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