Summer Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Launches Today

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Is Open For Registration Today!

It’s finally here! The much anticipated Summer Capsule Wardrobe Style Challenge opens today!

If you have been looking for ways to spruce up your style without spending a ton of money on new clothes, this Summer Capsule Wardrobe style challenge from Get Your Pretty On is for you.


Summer Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Now Open |


What Is The Capsule Wardrobe Challenge?

The Summer Capsule Wardrobe Challenge is a styled-for-you capsule of 29 pieces (including accessories + shoes) which are mixed and matched to create 31 days of outfits, styled by professional stylist Alison Lumbatis.


  • You get a daily outfit calendar, with outfits put together for you, which takes the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning.
  • You’ll know exactly what to wear and feel confident walking out the door each and every day.
  • Upon signing up, you will get a full shopping list of on-budget recommendations, and your first 7 outfits are available immediately too.
  • Not only that but Style Challengers find they actually spend less on clothes after participating in a few Style Challenge seasons. They are able to build their basics over time and then just need to add a few trend pieces each season.


The Capsule Wardrobe Challenge is all about less stuff, more style.



Summer Capsule Wardrobe Challenge: The Details

Registration Dates: Open today! May 25 2018

Price: $39

Bonuses: Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe, 3 Summer Wedding Looks, Phone Wallpaper Background Designs, Color Palette Resource, Daily Outfit Calendar

Learn more & get your Capsule Wardrobe Style Challenge now

Also, there’s no risk. If you try it and decide it’s not for you, you can request a full refund anytime until June 16th, no questions asked.


Some Fab Ideas To Add To Your Capsule Wardrobe This Season

Essential Capsule Wardrobe Maxi Dress |

Essential Capsule Wardrobe Maxi Dress $29

Capsule Wardrobe Basics Backless Knee Length Cami Dress

Capsule Wardrobe Basics Backless Knee Length Cami Dress $37

Kendra Knit Work Wear Capsule Wardrobe |

Kendra Knit Work Wear Capsule Wardrobe Dress $31


Summer capsule wardrobe style challenge get your pretty on capsule wardrobe summer style - How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe Fashion Tips Essential Capsule Wardrobe |


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